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Professor Dolores Rollo

Piazzale San Francesco 3 - Parma



The rectoral mandate, which is compulsory according to law 17/99, concerns people with  disabilities, under law 104/92.

In July 2010, the mandate was expanded to include the protection of students with DSA and specific learning disabilities, under law 170/2010 and followed by the guidelines issued in July      2011.

The Mandate concerns these two areas, to which the area of vulnerable groups has been added, including students with particular needs, whether they are health-related, economic, psychological or social, or with disabilities rated below 66 %, or belonging to recovery communities or in borderline situations, or critical personal situations, and others.

Through the Directive of December 27, 2012, the C.M. of March 2013 and the explanatory document of June 27, 2013, attention is also focused on students with S.E.N., Special Education Needs. Consideration is given to individual persons, for example people with ADHD, that is, attention deficit or with autism spectrum.

People with S.E.N. cannot or may not be certificated according to law 104/92, but they can, according to the MUR directive, be supported with compensatory tools and subsidies provided by law 170/2010, with a view to “taking care of” these students.