On Demand Services


Professor Dolores Rollo 


Piazzale San Francesco 3 - Parma


Before choosing your degree program, you can contact us at +393290189240 to meet with a Rector’s delegate for a consultation to evaluate your interests and aspirations. You can also obtain information about the free services available thanks to the targeted funding we receive each year from the MUR.


Peer tutors

Students who apply to a call that is published once a year, declare their availability to support you, attend a training course with the Le Eli-Che service, and are appointed as "Peer Tutors" by a Rectoral Decree. These tutors are paid to provide 200 hours of service and assist you throughout your studies; all that is required is to make a request to have a tutor from us.


Casual tutors

University students who declare their temporary availability to provide support, on a non-continuous basis.


Instant tutor 

Collaborators of Le Eli-Che and staff members who are available to support students with disabilities and learning disorders during national selections for Medicine, Dentistry, Health Care Professions, Veterinary Medicine, and Architecture.

Dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysorthography are specific learning disabilities and do not imply invalidity.


Exams Performance 

CAccording to law 104/92, you have the right to take exams under conditions most suitable for your needs (as indicated in your diagnosis), by requesting additional time, written exams instead of oral exams (or vice versa), adequate computer tools, exam texts with enlarged characters, and the accompaniment of a tutor who writes and/or reads for you. You can make requests for all your needs through our request form. Before filling out the form, we invite you to read the Guidelines. You can make requests from a range of support services listed in the requirements table. On your request, we will send you a copy of the “yellow table”, for which you will have to fill out all sections and send back ten days before the exam date.


Digital books

Not all publishers provide textbooks in digital format. The student must contact the publisher directly, who will send them a form to be filled out and confirmed by our service.


Available positions

We have equipped accessible computer workstations with internet connection, adjustable table with remote control, speech synthesis, computers with wireless keyboard and mouse, and keyboard for low vision. We also have desktop video magnifiers, Poet Compact, and specific software for students with specific learning disabilities (DSA) at various locations throughout the university, in many departments, libraries, and at the service center located at Vicolo dei Mulini, 5. In the city centre, accessible workstations can be found at the Ilaria Alpi International Library, Vicolo delle Asse, 5, and at the Cepdi center, Via Stirone, 4.


Computer and non-computer tools

Today, there are many computer and non-computer tools available for following lessons and studying. We provide tools that can serve you best, such as computers, scanners, specific software, Braille devices, alphabetical communicators, latest generation Dragon software, Poet-Compact, audio readers, speech synthesis, software for building concept maps, recorders with an interface adaptation that translate phonemes into graphemes (especially useful for deaf people), adjustable tables, suitable seats, and lecterns. You will be provided with the tool that helps you study on loan for as long as you need it.


Il diritto all'attenzione della Delegata 

For any difficulties and/or questions, you can contact the Rector's delegate, who has the institutional role of coordination, monitoring, and relations with other teachers.

Finally: we offer information and support for:

  • online exam registration;
  • using a photocopier that is available at the service;
  • assisting you with a range of problems, where permitted.



Contact us at the Le Eli-Che service; we have assistants with highly specialized skills who can find a study method and a suitable path with you and for you, and you can also give us your comments or suggestions.

We offer:

  • consultation to organize study activities;
  • workshops to learn how to use the tools availableper imparare l’uso degli strumenti;
  • study groups with students already enrolled at the University;
  • compensatory tools such as smart pens, recorders, text-to-speech software, and computers.



Previously referred to as “integration”, the term currently in use is now ‘inclusion’; that is, everything we can do to interact in cooperation and respect for everyone’s “normal specialty”. We organize courses taking advantage of opportunities offered by local services. We organize dialogue opportunities, targeted meetings, magical moments with fairy tales, movies, cultural events and more… our pride and joy? Sport-ell-tutti, a system we built with other institutions to guide you in choosing the most suitable sport, to “grow” and have fun with many other students with disabilities and without. Since 2003, we have been organizing LIS courses for deaf and non-deaf students, and specific LIS courses for students in Medicine and Surgery, with ECTS credits.