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Professor Dolores Rollo

Piazzale San Francesco 3 - Parma



Italian Sign Language

For students with hearing disabilities who know this language, we have an interpreter available for our events. If, on the other hand, you do not know LIS and would like to learn it, you can attend our courses that we have been organizing every year since 2003.


Agreement for the welcoming and integration of students with autism spectrum disorders and/or Cognitive Disabilities in degree programs at our university 



Previously referred to as “integration”, the term currently in use is now ‘inclusion’; that is, everything we can do to interact in cooperation and respect for everyone’s “normal specialty”. We organize courses taking advantage of opportunities offered by local services. We organize dialogue opportunities, targeted meetings, magical moments with fairy tales, movies, cultural events and more… our pride and joy? Sport-ell-tutti, a system we built with other institutions to guide you in choosing the most suitable sport, to “grow” and have fun with many other students with disabilities and without. Since 2003, we have been organizing LIS courses for deaf and non-deaf students, and specific LIS courses for Medicine and Surgery students.